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Vocal lesson info

'When your soul is singing with joy, then you know you're doing it right.'

You've decided to have singing lessons. Hooray! There are so many advantages to having singing lessons whether it is simply for fun or whether you have an all-important exam coming up. You can learn to sing at any age your as your voice will grow and develop as you do. 

The benefits of singing lessons. 

Sure anyone can sing but for those seeking to develop their voice and musical skills having a singing teacher can be really important. 

  • Grow and develop your voice at your pace. 

  • Work on performance techniques, interpretation, and improvisation. 

  • Gain confidence! It's amazing how many people get told they can't sing. Rubbish. If you can speak you can sing. Building confidence won't just help your singing but gaining confidence will filter into other aspects of your life too. 

  • Great for mental well being. Singing is scientifically proven to boost your mood. 

  • Breath management. Controlling your breath improves projection and tone, as well as having significant health benefits.  

  • Improve your tone. Can you do impersonations? Funny voices? This will definitely help your singing. 

  • Learn to project. Vocal power needn't be a battle, it should be easy. 

  • Vocal health. Whether you're a beginner or looking to protect on voice on tour learning about vocal health is essential for every singer as well as those who use their voices a lot in their occupation. 

 There are so many more reasons to take up vocal lessons. If you would like any further information about lessons please feel free to email: 

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