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By Student Testimonial, Sep 14 2019 11:44AM

‘Before having lessons with Lauren, I thought I couldn’t sing. Her lessons cover all the aspects of singing well. Lauren helped me find my voice and I now regularly sing and play on my own at Open Mics in Norwich. Dickie ‘Lonesome’ Hartt.’

';On an intensely personal level, the therapeutic value of my singing lessons with Lauren has

been immeasurable. During one of the most difficult 6 month periods in my life, I had a weekly

lesson with Lauren because singing was the only thing I could manage to do; I would arrive

shaking like a leaf and barely able to stutter my way through a greeting, but leave after the hour

feeling calmer and happier. Lauren, as my singing teacher, didn't have to “do anything

differently” and was not my “music therapist”, but her kindness and unwavering belief in the

power of music and connection made life bearable without trying to “fix” me at a time when I just

needed to be treated in a “normal” way... Lauren's experiences and skills as a musician,

performer and teacher are well-documented, and they are beautifully matched with her personal

qualities of extreme kindness, patience, understanding and empathy. (December 2018-May

Amanda, 2019


...I just wanted to say thank you. The lessons I have with you give me a real lift and raise my confidence in my ability to sing. Your enthusiasm is infectious and your skill in choosing songs that suit my style of singing make our sessions really enjoyable and beneficial.  Looking forward to our next session.

Sara 2019

Really enjoyable lessons, learning with no real prior knowledge of the mental side of singing, Lauren taught me and now I'm on stage gaining as much live experience as possible, using techniques to relax and breathe and save my voice. Highly recommended....

Greg 2019