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   Lauren Dove is a singing tutor based in Norwich, Norfolk and has over ten years experience in performance, tuition and giving workshops. She currently teaches singing and piano lessons from Norwich Music Hub at Create on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

  Lauren has recently completed a PG Cert Dip in Vocal Pedagogy specialising in vocal health. Recognised across the UK as a Soul and Blues singer Lauren has a wide ranging knowledge of different styles and techniques from classical to blues, soul, contemporary and musical theatre. Singing correctly should be you can sing diversely.


     Why learn to sing

      - Try new styles

  I don't know anybody that listens to just one style of music so why wold you learn just one style of singing? Whether developing you favourites or trying something new, singing should be fun.

  Jazz, improvising, srock, le - Health and Wellbeing

    Singing has so many health and wellbeing benefits and there is so much to discover. Singing helps improve your mood, your concentration and is better for your circulation.

        - Boost your confidence!

Singing is a great confidence booster and shouldn't be confined to celebrities or talent shows. Sing your heart out and feel great!


Improve your breathing, tone, range and strength at any age, Singing exercises our lungs. It tones up our intercostal muscles and helps you to breath more fully and efficiently


Having worked with several singing organisations from Sing Up! CME, Sing For Pleasure, NHS,  The Garage, The Worstead Choir, Dereham Blues Festival Choir, Norfolk Music Hub.

Come along and join in. I also lead the Wymondham section of Invidia Voices.


Please do get in touch for a quotation and I will endeavor to meet your needs



Polite notice: I require 24 hour cancellation notice. If, in the unfortunate instance you can not attend your lesson, full payment will be charged. Thank you.

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